I believe that every generation of believers has a mandate and unique call to reach their respective generation. Saying that this generation is different is an understatement! We have YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Vimeo, Instagram, Vine, Vube and many more video based social messengers. Because that is what they are – some of the most powerful message enablers. Their objective while somewhat subtle, is to convey powerful cultural flash points, trends and other social lifestyle hooks that are intended to influence and color popular culture.

New Agape Ministries is called to convey the message of Jesus Christ to reach some of this generation. By reach we mean, connect and convince those we feel called to, with the message of salvation in Jesus Christ; and that it is still relevant.

We feel distinctly equipped and confident that we have what it takes to communicate this critical message and connect with them. Many of this generation have forgotten their foundational roots. Many have lost their way, some in secular colleges, in the workplace, in relationships. We want to let that generation know that compromise is not necessary to live above the gravitational pull of lust, greed, self-ambition and the lure of easy money.

Mark Hernandez

New Agape Ministries International

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