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If there is one that like a beacon drives us to do what we do — is the purpose of God. Perhaps nothing else matters but the purpose of God. In Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 verse 1, the writer says

to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: to every…

The writer does not say that every thing has a purpose and that may be true. But what is being made clear to us here is that there is an appointed time, and an appropriate time [season], for every purpose under heaven. I discovered that God is all about purpose. We all have a limited time on this earth and every one of us with out unique gifts and talents have an appointed time to be born and die but we also have a season to flourish, bear fruit for God and do what He has purposed in His heart for us to do. This is where our heart as a ministry is. Purpose…

[Our Relationship with God]

New Agape is all about purpose and a solid relationship with Jesus Christ. We have a dogged determination to win the lost! We know that our world is changing in a multi-dimensional way so we too must be prepared to take on the challenges that this multi-dimensionality brings.

Life in Christ and in the business world is all about relationships. God’s immutable character has not changed!  But, his ways of dealing with man however, has consistently changed over the course of Biblical and secular history. One of the best ways to build a sustainable relationship with God is through consistent daily devotional time with God. A time of sacred worship with his people is essential to growing as a spiritual being. Sunday worship services should be a life-transforming sacred moment in time. EVerything we do springs from that relationship.


Relationship with the Body: Discipleship

The “Ekklesia,” the called out church, the invisible body of Christ that we are to recognize is one of the most powerful entities in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The Church is the invisible and visible body of Jesus Christ. A church may be the only place some people get any kind of social interaction. We understand our role as a church. We are not just here to take up our space in the community, and meet on Sunday; we are here to fill a void for young people, old people, and everyone in between You must never feel you are alone while we are here. come be a part of His body. it is here we disciple young and old alike to share their faith as they grow in grace.

[Relationship to our Calling: Social Engagement]

The Church functions best when people serve in their designated calling. We are called to have a servant’s heart and engage in purposeful ministries. Whatever gift you have is an indication of your function, your purpose and your destiny. Do not delay to dedicate your gifts and talents to service for the Lord where ever you are, what ever sphere of influence he has called you to. There are lots of hurting people whose only contact with what it is like to be like Jesus is beautiful Christian human beings. We understand that and we take it very seriously. that is why we are committed to feeding the poor, rescuing battered women, and serving aggressively in areas where people are hurting the most.

[Relationship to the Lost World: Church Planting]

We take the Great Commission seriously. Jesus called us to make disciples and that is our heart, passion and commitment. We believe that building relationships with those who don’t know Jesus is vital to fulfilling His Commission. Our world may seem like it’s full of churches but the vast majority of people are still unchurched, youth are engaging less in the faith of their parents, and there are still hurting people. In other words, the need is clear and there is no better time than now to reach out to those outside of the ark of the covenant in a way that draws draws them to Jesus.

Our Core Values as an organization operating in a highly visible environment compels us to act and do business differently. We have adopted the following principal values that drive our organization to operate efficiently and effectively:


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