Perhaps no other time in church history when we need to hear from God, when we need the work of the Holy Spirit to salt the sweep over the souls of men. As servants armed with compassion for the lost we feel compelled to go out and do what the church was intended to do… reach the lost.The love of Jesus compels us to do what God has purposed for us. Win the Lost at any cost!! New Agape Ministries International based in the beautiful city of Tampa, Florida, is a hybrid ministry who primary focus is reaching this new generation… millennials. By hybrid we mean we are missions focused and place a strong emphasis upon apologetics… defending our faith.  We have a local presence, and do ministry things designed to reach this generation. These things include, holding leadership and teaching workshops, concerts, crusades, and live online teaching and preaching to those who either cannot attend a local church or need some motivation to do so. We have a compelling desire fueled by the command of Jesus Christ to reach men and women of this generation who are lost, disenchanted, discouraged, and simply need Jesus Christ.

This generation needs a new approach with the same message and we have to get creative in reaching them. We have to mentor them, teach them and be patient with them. hence there is a desperate need for those who are deft with handling the scriptures. It can no longer be church as usual… the night is far spent. As the song-wwriter, the late Rev. Walter Hawkins once said, 37 years ago, motivated by his love for lost souls:

When I think about the hour
Then I know what I must do
When I think about
What God has done for me
Then I will open up my heart
To ev’ry one I see
And say Jesus Christ is the way
Jesus Christ is the Way © Libris Music

You can hear this song here

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