We’ve heard many sermons and admonishments about us trusting God because of His faithfulness and his divine trustworthiness. However we have not heard many sermons about God finding those to whom He could entrust something.

Every time you board an aircraft to head to a destination, you are putting your trust knowingly or unknowingly in the capable hands of the pilot and his co-pilot. That is human trust. Even the times you go into a restaurant and order a meal, you are trusting that the chef is cooking your meal with the ingredients that you ordered; namely, if you ordered fish, you hope you get fish. When you visit a doctor for a specific ailment, you trust that he will give you a faithful and true diagnosis not one that is bogus. That is human trust.

What is trust? Trust is a both a human and divine characteristic that has the highest currency value. It is the ability to be first and prove that being by proving beyond the shadow of a doubt that the being is what it said is was. In other words, you can deliver on any promise that you make. You can do what you said you can do. the lack of trust is the single most reason marriages fail, business transactions go awry, and wars are fought. Inherent in the ability of trustworthiness is the fact that that individual has established a pattern of being by doing. In Genesis 18:19, God was able to say of Abraham:

“For I know him, he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he has spoken of him,” KJV.

Can God say something similar about you. How do you conduct business on a daily basis? Do you defraud anyone of a fair price? How do you sleep at night? Do you secretly spend countless hours watching internet porn? Your level of trust is only as high as your ability to be true when you are all alone and do the right things in secret.

We live in a world where trust has all but disappeared. Children grow up in families and communities and die before they have an opportunity to go to school simply because their parents lack trust.

This kind of trustworthiness is called being found faithful. Can God trust you if he sent you on the mission field? Can He trust you with large sums of money for use in a purpose-driven venture? Or not to be tempted to spend it it on yachts, fancy cars and meaningless luxury items while souls go hungry and homeless. Can He trust you with fame without you being caught in the trap that is so common of those who get famous? Can God trust you period?

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