Genesis 37:
Joseph was the last son of Jacob. He was the son of his old age. He was to me a very dynamic character and that is the reason I chose to focus on Joseph in this writing. He has inspired me to look beyond myself, my own desires and focus on God’s purpose even when it was not the most convenient thing to do.

Imagine that you were chosen by God to do a very specific work that had nothing to do with you. No self aggrandizement just to simply fulfill God’s purpose for your generation. That was Joseph’s lot. It would take you down a road that was uncomfortable, dangerous but you saw the end before the beginning.
We see Joseph in Genesis Chapter 37 where he was tending sheep with his brother and they did something that he perceived was bad,so he told his father. We may interpret this as Joseph the snitch, but I look at it as Joseph the leader who was not afraid to confront evil compromise.

To make matters worse, he was a gifted dreamer. Whatever he dreamed came to pass. The only person who took Joseph seriously was his father Jacob. Those of us with dreams may do well to live a life of non-compromise so that God will be gracious to us to see them come to pass. Joseph was sold into slavery and the irony of this situation is that his own brothers did this out of jealousy. For twenty pieces of silver he was sold. Joseph’s story was a real type (Rom: 5-14) a type being a real, powerful Old Testament, historic event that was purposely ordained by the omniscient God to be a prophetic foretelling of something great which he purposed to bring to pass through his son Jesus Christ. Jesus was sold

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