Lost on a Sunday Morning

With all the social and cultural progress we have made as a society, lives lost as sacrificial lambs in the name of civil rights progress, laws passed to protect marginalized demographics, Sunday morning is still the most segregated day in America. This is indicative of a larger problem. How can we change this? Is this a good testimony of the Christian church at large? I emphatically say no. The Christian church’s leader who is Jesus Christ said that by love, the world will know that we are his disciples or followers. John 13:34,35.
So, as we can deduce, the church at large has done a banged up job at being the unequivocal love filled church that Jesus commanded us to be. This has had enormous implications to a watching unchurched world.

Time Magazine recently published an editorial quoting a recent Pew Research which seems to indicate that less people are calling themselves Christians. Whether we choose to acquiesce to this claim, (please note that this is only happening in America) or not; it was only a matter of time before we see the grandiose secularization of American society like we have now. With the gradual tide of hypocrisy and apathy eating away at the ethos of the christian church, it is no wonder that the resultant outcomes is a society that has become more God-less, humanistic, pluralistic, agnostic, and atheistic. The jadedness of the upcoming generation is no surprise.

We still have the minority church and we have the white church. How can I convince someone that the church is a place where the love of Jesus is here while it is devoid of the practice of love. Understandably however, there are churches where the predominant demographic is primarily of one racial makeup and this is driven primarily by geographic distinctions. What concerns me most, is that the purpose of church-going has become lost in programs that have absolutely nothing to do with winning souls.

While we have come a long way, and, there are mega-churches that are a small representative of the American cultural and social microcosm, the vast majority of evangelical religious organizational structures and leadership seems to be lost themselves. We are at war, and the enemy has begun to use logic in some of the most incredible ways unimaginable. We are however, bibleas Paul says not ignorant of his devices. 2 Corinthians 2:11

-Mark Hernandez
New Agape Ministries

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