Margaret Kistow is a little woman with a big heart, a 17 year old retired charismatic Catholic nun who is doing what she considers God’s calling on her life. I visited Margaret Kistow for the first time in June of 2013 and what I saw brought tears to my eyes. What I saw resonated deeply with me because as a young man, my father left when I was 3 years old and I grew up with my mother for a while until she left again when I was a pre teenager. I could immediately relate to these children. I made up my mind that New Agape Ministries would help Margaret raise these children and give them hope and a future.

Margaret houses 32 children at this 54 Ackbarali Street Malabar converted house, an area 2 miles south of the Borough of Arima.
There are many heartbreaking stories including three brothers at the home, Daniel, 12, Bruce, 13 and Christopher, 17, who have been living at the home for over ten years.
These brothers, who were abandoned by their parents, were discovered living in a cardboard box in the southern village of Penal shack without food and water.
Five years ago, the children’s mother, a recovering drug addict, appeared from nowhere and took her eldest son back to Penal to live with her and her new husband, a daily paid laborer.

The couple, who recently had a baby of their own, are planning to take the other two boys as well. But according to Margaret Kistow, founder and manager of the Margaret Kistow home, the children are better off at the shelter. According to Mis Kistow, “these people have no electricity or pipe borne water. The eldest son (Christopher who went back to live with his mother) has to carry water a mile away from his wooden shack.
When I visited, Christopher had not returned to the home and I only saw Daniel and Bruce. I spoke to them and touched their heads and silently prayed for them.

There was a 3 month old baby being held by a young lady from Mississippi who was there with a missionary organization. She along with some other members of the organization were assisting with the children and doing repair work at the house.

The Kistow Home needs are multifaceted. They need clothing, food, school supplies and many other things that kids whose ages range from 3 months to 17 years need.
Please Donate whatever you can. Every penny you donate will go to the Kistow home in Trinidad.

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