NGAGE meets every Friday evening @ 7:30 PM in the Virtual Student Center.

In this age of technological innovations, the Internet, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, cultural disruptions, political upheavals, media madness, and legal re-positionings and re-interpretations; it is imperative and incumbent upon the Church to remain true to its mission and maintain the priority of the Cross of Jesus Christ. This present generation is unlike any we have ever had in times past.
The question we must ask then is: How do we reach them? How do we engage them so they become serious followers of Jesus Christ? Make no mistake, we are losing a sizable chunk of this generation to atheism, indifference, and an intensified unbending form of peer pressure.

New Agape Ministries feels compelled to raise up a new generation of young leaders who are full of the Holy Spirit, uncompromising, fearless leaders who are not afraid to engage their generation. They must be able to vigorously defend their faith, reach their peers with the message of Jesus Christ, live exemplary lives, and deliver those who are bound.

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