church-interiorWhen you go to church on Sunday, or whenever you go, what are your expectations? Why are you going? Is it because your parents go and you want to obey? Is it because of tradition? Is it a social event for you? Are you seeking a different spiritual experience? Are you truthfully seeking for a meaningful relationship with God and his people? Is there a genuine hunger and desire for a real encounter with God?If we only get a glimpse of who God really is, it would change the reason we go. While serving God is purely volitional, an understanding of who he is can change that.

While there is an appointed time for church, meaning that there should be a set time for gathering and an appropriate or the best time of gathering for church. (Ecclesiastes 3: 1-3.) God has ordained set times for every human activity under heaven. The church while a gathering for spiritual renewal,; is also possibly one of the most natural place for social connections. Many individuals have married people they met at church. Even business connections have been made in a church gathering. The connections are symbiotic in nature and hence the opportunities for social, spiritual and emotional interactions are priceless.
We are living in a a period of history when information is more accessible than ever. We have information on radio, TV, (albeit flavored in some shape or form), and from devices that access the Internet, (smart phones, tablets, laptops, and now watches). The difference between the three sources of information is that the Internet based information has placed the access of information in our hands, turned our culture on its head and has accelerated the nature of decision making.
Entire industries and jobs have disappeared because of this phenomenon. Peoples lives have changed dramatically. Facebook has over a billion users and still growing. There is a clear indication here: people are either lonely, need to connect with someone or something bigger and more dynamic or we as human beings are on a collision course with our own devices. Going to church should be anticipatory of having an experience every time you go. Some would disagree that the emphasis on experiential is misplaced but I say— God has not abandoned his word and the totality of experiential Christianity is valid

The church for all intents and purposes has stood idly by and somehow paralyzed by this phenomenon. We sometimes have a tendency to criticize what we do not understand instead of seeking for clarity. We have allowed unanswered questions to challenge and sometimes change our theology.
Going to church should have at the center of its purpose—an encounter with Almighty God. If this is too much for you, you’ve got religion and you need a relationship with God.

Mark Hernandez

New Agape Ministries

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